In a town hall preview, readers responded to an invitation.

Hood River residents answered this newspaper’s invitation to share with fellow readers questions they would ask Rep. Greg Walden at his future town hall in Hood River.

In our Jan. 12 edition, we put out the invitation after the announced town hall, which Walden had set for Jan. 24, but has since postponed due to pressing business in Washington, D.C. (no word yet on re-scheduling).

While we wait for a new town hall date, here are the questions we received for Rep. Walden:

Forest policy

— Rick Larson

Federal minimum wage

With all the support both nationally and in Oregon for $15 minimum wage, where is the consideration of the inclusion of housing for many workers and their families?

— Dick and Christie Reed

Forest fires, hydropower

Do you believe the major forest fires we have here in Oregon and across the west make the problem of climate change worse? I can’t imagine all the smoke we experience during the summers from wildfires is good for our health. How are you working to prevent wildfires from further polluting our climate?

Do you have any update on the round of negotiations over the Columbia River Treaty? The treaty is incredibly important to the Northwest and communities along the Columbia, and we should be doing everything in our power to make sure Oregon’s needs are met in this new treaty. Can you tell us how you’re working to accomplish this?

— Doug Arnell

Tax reform

People say the tax cuts just benefited the rich, but is that true?

How were tax cuts geared toward middle class people in Oregon?

What benefits of tax reform have been passed down to everyday workers in Oregon?

— Keely Kopetz


The media focus over the course of the last two years has been nothing but partisanship and division in D.C.

— Holly Gove

Climate Change

I know you take your job very seriously and have shown yourself to be knowledgeable on subjects affecting our district, such as forestry issues.

You have said at the last town hall that you’ve seen no evidence that climate change is anthropogenic, or human caused. Is that still your belief? What have you read about climate change? Are you reading on the subject now?

Can you share a list of the books or scientific articles that describe what is occurring with climate and why we need to act?

— Jeff Hunter

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