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HRVHS girls repeatedly pressured the box against Crook County.

Hood River Valley High School’s varsity girls’ soccer swept Crook County High School 10-0 Tuesday at home. The Eagles created a two-game winning streak while the Cowboys have not seen a win since preseason.

HRV’s head coach Amanda Orand said she has a lot of respect for Crook County who put up a good fight.

“They did a good job. They battled really hard,” said Orand. “We just happened to have more experience on the turn and more experience playing soccer overall but they battled harder.”

During this match, Orand said the Eagles got to work on their offensive strategy and skills. Their offensive strategy was built upon their defensive work, said Orand.

“We’ve been working on building up possession from the back from our defensive line,” said Orand. “Winning the ball, switching the field horizontally, finding space on the wings and really try and spread the other team’s defense.”

Throughout the first half, the Eagles played a fast-paced game and attacked whenever there was an opening in the Cowboy’s defense, she said. Entering the second half, he said, they slowed down their pace and had more control and possession of the ball.

“In all honesty, I think we played a prettier soccer game in the second half,” said Orand. “We really focused on sharing the ball and moving it up the field in a controlled manor and spreading out their defense.”

Part of HRV’s quick pace in the first half can be attributed to the turf’s harder surface. Compared to a traditional grass field, turf does not have as many imperfections or give, thus creating a firm surface for the ball to travel on.

“Personally, I prefer the grass because it slows the game down a little bit,” said Orand. “But it is slightly advantageous to us to have teams come out who don’t have an opportunity to train on turf.”

The Eagles traveled to Redmond High School Thursday; results too late for press time.

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