HRV came out with a full squad last Friday when they hosted the Parkrose Broncos. The roster was not typical of their varsity lineup, but rather supplemented by a collection of willing, yet tired, freshmen and sophomore girls who just finished their junior varsity game. While the extra bodies helped and the Eagles fought to keep it close, they would fall to Parkrose 59-47 in a tough loss.

The game opened with the Eagles coming out aggressive on both sides of the ball; they pressured on defense and drove to the basket on offense.

Senior Barrett Ihde led the scoring for HRV in the first quarter with their first four baskets — she would end with 24 points on the game. Freshman Ella Newton held her own on defense, shutting down the offense attempts by a variety of Parkrose guards. That first quarter, which ended with the Eagles up 10-9, would prove their only lead of the game.

Parkrose scored 18 points in the second quarter to take the lead and never looked back.

Down 11 at half, the Eagles continued to put points up but could not keep the Broncos down, who were led by senior Imani Royster with 24 points, 17 of which came in the second half. One particular stand-out statistic came at the free throw line, where Parkrose shot 18 of 23 and Hood River shot 9 of 19. Had the Eagles managed to shoot around 75 percent like Parkrose, the score would have been 59-52 and the game may have never gotten away.

Additional scoring for Hood River came from Dani Valle with 11, Newton with five, Kaitlyn McNerney with three and Reese Leiblein with two. The Eagles will open their regular season play on the road this Friday at Pendleton.

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