Hood River Valley High School’s varsity girl soccer team swept Pendleton High School 5-0 on a cloudy, rainy Tuesday. The match was held at Westside Elementary School due to maintenance and repair to HRV’s home turf field.

This marks the Eagles’ fourth consecutive win in the regular season.

HRV’s head coach Amanda Orand said this fourth win is a confidence booster, but won’t let it get to the team’s head.

“(This) win gives us confidence in ourselves and our scoring ability,” said Orand. “But, at the same time, we need to remind ourselves that each time we step on the field it’s a new day, new opponent, new opportunity and we have to earn it.”

Counting this game, the Buckaroos have lost seven and won a single match. In its previous competitions, PHS couldn’t manage to score a single goal.

“We didn’t have a ton of pressure on us,” said Orand. “We had more time on and shared the ball. I thought we did a good job on that.”

The Eagles controlled possession of the ball throughout the first half. Because of this, HRV scored early in the first half and continued its domination until half time.

Occasionally the ball would bounce onto the Eagles’ defensive line, but would be cleared and passed onto their offensive attack.

Scoring for the Eagles were forwards Vanesa Preciado and Mira Olson, each with two goals, and defender Karla Barajas, with a single.

During the second half, the Eagles’ momentum slowed down but the team persisted with its offensive attack. Orand thought their offense was good but the team couldn’t execute its objective.

“We talked a little bit about finishing and playing a little bit simpler soccer,” said Orand. “It looks like it all comes down to technique, finding the corners and keeping the ball away from the goalkeeper.”

The Dalles/Dufur next

The Eagles’ next opponent will be the combined The Dalles/Dufur High School team. Emotions, energy and nerves always run high when facing next-town rivals that uses a physical style of play, according to Orand.

“So we have to remember to play our style of soccer,” said Orand.

The game was scheduled at Wahtonka Field, Thursday at 4 p.m., too late for press time.

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