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Teams race up the Columbia on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.

The Gorge Outrigger Canoe Race took place on July 13 and saw dozens of teams racing up the Columbia River. There were Men, Women and Mixed races, with their respective start and finish locations staggered; the Women and Mixed racers began at the Stevenson waterfront and ended at Drano Lake, while the Men started at Drano and ended just beyond Bingen.

The Gorge was treated to a particularly strong gale force that billowed down the river on race day, granting teams a bit of speed but also a challenge, as the choppy water and swells introduced an additional element to the competition. Racing began at 11 a.m. and continued into the afternoon, with the final men’s teams finishing around 4 p.m. The awards were held afterwards, at the fairgrounds picnic shelter in Stevenson.

Below are the winners of the race by division and age.

Men’s Division

Spec OC-6 Open 18-39 — Pacific Dragons Sydney, 1:23:58

Spec OC-6 Masters 40-49 — A F D L Team, 1:17:50

Spec OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54 — Lotus greg Bo’s Beautiful Old Boyz

Spec OC-6 Kupuna 60+ — Makule Pupule, 1:36:14

Unlimited OC-6 Open 18-39 — Air Tahiti, 1:05:38

Unlimited OC-6 Masters 40-49 — Sand Point Kane, 1:13:01

Unlimited OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54 — Hood River Mas Viento, 1:17:55

Unlimited OC-6 Golden Masters 55-59 — Latitide Fourty-eight, 1:26:54

Unlimited OC-6 Kupuna 60+ — Kelowna Prune Pickers, 1:19:46

Women’s Division

Spec OC-6 Open 18-39 — Pacific Dragons Sydney (Orange Women), 2:02:24

Spec OC-6 Masters 40-49 — Wasabi GRIT Intensity, 2:16:30

Spec OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54 — SOCC Masters Women, 2:08:31

Unlimited OC-6 Open 18-39 — Santa Barbara OCC (A), 1:38:04

Unlimited OC-6 Masters 40-49 — Fairway Gorge Comp Master’s Women, 1:41:52

Unlimited OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54, Kialoa Karma, 1:47:59

Unlimited OC-6 Golden Masters 55-59, Latitude Fourty-eight GM Women, 2:03:52

Mixed Division

Spec OC-6 Open 18-39 — Lotus Ohana, 1:50:10

Spec OC-6 Masters 40-49 — Tri-City Mixed Company Two, 1:53:53

Spec OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54 — Kikaha O Ke Kai Team Hamajang, 1:58:28

Spec OC-6 Kupuna 60+ — Hood River Gorge Grand Gurus, 2:03:10

Unlimited OC-6 Open 18-39 — Team Puakea, 1:27:39

Unlimited OC-6 Masters 40-49 — Team FreeLance, 1:49:53

Unlimited OC-6 Sr. Masters 50-54 — Hood River Wave Riders, 1:44:27

Unlimited OC-6 Golden Masters 55-59 — Team Doug, 1:41:02

Unlimited OC-6 Kupuna 60+ — M H C C Kupuna, 1:50:41

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