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HRV swimmer Tristan Smith (left), The Dalles Swimmer Skyler Coburn and HRV swimmer Zayd Ziada prepare for the gun Thursday, Feb. 6 at the Hood River Aquatic Center.

Hood River Valley’s swim team hosted The Dalles High School in its final home meet Thursday, Feb. 6. The girls and boys teams defeated the visiting team 104-62 and 111-50, respectively.

The meet was also senior night in which Faith Ocheskey, Celilo Brun, Lillie Tomlinson, Lexi Burck, Jihan Ziada, Abi Loihl, Grace Skakel, Connor McElwee, Clayton Lee, David Hecksel and Adam Burke were honored.

Girls 200 Meter Medley Relay

HOOD 2:19.47 Sarah Arpag, Celilo Brun, Madaket Greenleaf, Faith Ocheskey

TDAL 2:23.21 Kendall Webber, Hannah Haight, Maisie Bandel-Ramirez, Lydia DiGennaro

HOOD 3 2:39.74 Jessica Galvez, Theodora Parkinson, Campbell Keller, Grace Skakel

HOOD 2:43.30 Neilly Kendall, Gigi Ziada, Abby Tomlinson, Abi Loihl

Boys 200 Meter Medley Relay

HOOD 2:21.50 Tristan Smith, Angus Kellems, Gavin Hackett, Adam Burke

TDAL 2:23.05 Skyler Coburn, William Hoover, Xander Kirby, Jonathan Snodgrass

HOOD 2:32.39 Zayd Ziada, Moze Banks, Lucas Elliott, Henry Jones

Girls 200 Meter Free

TDAL 2:28.11 Kendall Webber

HOOD 2:34.64 Madaket Greenleaf

HOOD 2:35.15 Emma Titus

HOOD 2:42.94 Jessica Galvez

TDAL 2:55.01 Paige Compton

TDAL 3:13.40 Lydia Evans

200 Meter Free

HOOD 2:07.86 Luke Southall

TDAL 2 2:17.48 Will Evans

HOOD 2:38.80 Adam Burke

TDAL 2:54.38 Grant Loughmiller

TDAL 2:59.32 Jonathan Snodgrass

Girls 200 Meter IM

HOOD 2:52.08 Celilo Brun

HOOD 2:58.07 Olivia Sumerfield

TDAL 3:05.30 Kennedy Abbas

HOOD 4 3:06.73 Campbell Keller

200 Meter IM

HOOD 2:40.14 Clayton Lee

HOOD 2:56.08 Lucas Elliott

TDAL 3:00.97 Skyler Coburn

HOOD 3:01.64 Angus Kellems

Girls 50 Meter Free

TDAL 29.18 Lydia1 DiGennaro

HOOD 29.89 Faith A Ocheskey

HOOD 30.90 Abigail McCormack

HOOD 31.10 Lillie Tomlinson

TDAL 32.53 Bree Webber

TDAL 33.05 Maisie Bandel-Ramirez

 Boys 50 Meter Free

HOOD 25.30 David Hecksel

TDAL 27.33 Bryce Harris

HOOD 27.36 Connor McElwee

TDAL 28.24 Will Evans

TDAL 28.54 Michael Cole

HOOD 28.68 Tristan Smith

Girls 100 Meter Fly

HOOD 1:10.75 Sarah Arpag

HOOD 1:25.10 Madaket Greenleaf

TDAL1:36.05 Bree Webber

Boys 100 Meter Fly

HOOD 1:10.18 Clayton Lee

HOOD 1:14.98 Gavin Hackett

TDAL DQ Michael Cole

Girls 100 Meter Free

HOOD 1:06.15 Faith Ocheskey

HOOD 1:09.26 Lillie Tomlinson

HOOD 1:09.99 Abigail McCormack

TDAL 1:12.28 Maisie Bandel-Ramirez

TDAL 1:24.41 Hanna Rodrieguez

TDAL 1:38.10 Izabella Montesanti

 18  Boys 100 Meter Free

HOOD 57.67 Luke E Southall

TDAL 1:01.03 Bryce Harris

HOOD 1:01.12 Connor McElwee

HOOD 1:04.83 Tristan Smith

TDAL 1:09.86 Jacob Comini

TDAL 1:15.63 William Hoover

Girls 400 Meter Free

TDAL 5:14.50 Kendall Webber

HOOD 5:30.54 Olivia Sumerfield

HOOD 5:43.76 Chloe Bullock

TDAL 5:47.61 Hannah Haight

TDAL 6:12.33 Paige Compton

Boys 400 Meter Free

HOOD 5:27.48 Owen Summersett

HOOD 5:28.38 Adam Burke

TDAL 6:07.73 Jonathan Snodgrass

TDAL 6:09.69 Grant Loughmiller

Girls 200 Meter Free Relay

TDAL 2:03.10 Kendall Webber, Kennedy Abbas, Bree Webber, Lydia DiGennaro

HOOD 2:05.90 Abigail McCormack, Chloe Bullock, Emma Titus, Lillie Tomlinson

TDAL 2:30.39 Hanna Rodrieguez, Izabella Montesanti, Lydia Evans, Paige Compton,

HOOS DQ Hazel Farr, Abby Tomlinson, Theodora Parkinson, Olivia Sumerfield

Boys 200 Meter Free Relay

HOOD 1:46.27 Luke Southall, Clayton Lee, Connor McElwee, David Hecksel

TDAL 1:53.05 Bryce Harris, Xander Kirby, Michael Cole, Will Evans

HOOD 2:05.44 Angus Kellems, Henry Jones, Owen S Summersett Tristan Smith

TDAL 2:24.05 Jacob Comini, William Hoover, Grant Loughmiller, Jonathan Snodgrass

Girls 100 Meter Back

HOOD 1:12.69 Sarah E Arpag

TDAL 1:21.19 Lydia DiGennaro

TDAL 1:23.03 Kennedy Abbas

HOOD 1:24.39 Campbell Keller

HOOD 1:24.99 Jessica Galvez

TDAL 1:44.12 Addison Little

Boys 100 Meter Back

HOOD 1:13.32 David Hecksel

TDAL 1:25.24 Jacob Comini

HOOD 1:26.53 Lucas J Elliott

HOOD 1:35.50 Zayd A Ziada

Girls 100 Meter Breast

TDAL 1:30.73 Hannah Haight

HOOD 1:31.21 Celilo Brun

HOOD 1:35.68 Emma Titus

HOOD 1:37.86 Theodora Parkinson

TDAL 1:56.74 Lydia Evans

TDAL 1:57.70 Hanna Rodrieguez

Boys 100 Meter Breast

HOOD 1:23.91 Gavin Hackett

TDAL 1:32.00 Skyler Coburn

TDAL 1:35.82 William Hoover

HOOD 1:36.25 Henry Jones

HOOD 1:40.23 Angus Kellems

Girls 400 Meter Free Relay

HOOD 4:39.89 Faith Ocheskey, Celilo Brun, Lillie Tomlinson, Sarah  Arpag

HOOD 4:57.72 Abigail McCormack, Olivia Sumerfield, Chloe Bullock, Emma Titus

TDAL 5:08.09 Bree Webber, Hannah Haight, Paige Compton, Kennedy Abbas

HOOD 5:08.13 Grace Skakel, Neilly Kendall, Jessica Galvez, Madaket Greenleaf

TDAL 6:19.43 Lydia Evans, Izabella Montesanti, Addison Little, Hanna Rodrieguez

Boys 400 Meter Free Relay

HOOD 4:02.66 Clayton Lee, Connor McElwee, David Hecksel, Luke Southall

TDAL 4:19.85 Bryce Harris, Skyler Coburn, Michael Cole, Will Evans

HOOD 4:47.03 Gavin Hackett, Adam Burke, Lucas Elliott, Owen Summersett

HOOD 5:26.03 Zayd Ziada, Miles Reagan, Jack Wilson, Moze Banks

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