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Handball players from Horizon Christian gather for a picture at the Oregon State Singles Championship they attended.

The weekend of April 12-14, a dozen eager handball athletes from Horizon Christian School traveled to Beaverton for the 2019 WPH Oregon State Singles Championship. Oscar Stenberg, a teacher and coach at Horizon, led the handball competitors at the tournament, where they were broken into pools of four.

“It was a great tournament,” said Stenberg. “The first person in each pool took first, second person second, and so on. There was a clinic by the top two players in the state; the kids had the opportunity to watch them play each other.”

The competing kids were Josh Aguilar, Max Al-Rubaie, Julia Bounds, Jacy Johnston, Arthur Li, Peter Li, Nick Moe, Olivia Nickson, Connor Schlaht, Tylor Schlaht and Caleb Yuan. The top placements came from Johnston, Yuan and Rogers in pools one, two and three, respectively.

“It was definitely an inter-squad match,” said Stenberg. “Because of our a.m. and p.m. classes at Horizon, some of the athletes had never played each other, which provided great experience in front of such a large audience.”

There were 127 competitors at the tournament, including top tier talent. The next venue for the Horizon athletes is the Hood River Handball Association (HRHA) tournament on June 1, held at the Elks Lodge.

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