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Sophomores Briana Santillan (left) and Yuli Castillo (right) discuss strategy during their doubles match on Monday afternoon.

For some teams, in some years, the season is not about wins and losses — it’s about skill development and personal growth. In fact, across high school sports, those themes run true whether a team is vying for the state championship or finishing their season without a single win. Seeing an athlete mature in their sport, tracking their progress and witnessing them becoming greater, that is the core of the sporting world.

The Hood River Valley High School Girls Tennis team has had a tough year in the wins category, but collectively, they have achieved quite a lot. They’ve become more competitive in their matches, with results that indicate significant leaps in skill and capability. No, they aren’t dominating the league, but they’re also young; with each year, the results can and will change.

The Eagles lost their Monday and Tuesday matches, against The Dalles and Pendleton, respectively, both by a score of 1-7. Senior Montsie Garrido was the sole victor at home against The Dalles, coming back after losing the first set to win the next two. Strong winds blowing from north to south hampered gameplay against Pendleton, making shots difficult to estimate in terms of strength and position, as coach Peg Bogard explains.

“The wind blew primarily north to south, forcing players to hit hard from the south side of the court and much easier from the north side,” said Bogard.

“Adjusting on each side switch is a very difficult adjustment for most players.”

Despite this, the girls competed well. Their win was due to an injury on Pendleton’s team. Despite the conditions, sophomore duo Yarely Cruz and Erica Matthisen came close to taking a doubles win, taking the first set 6-4 but dropping the next two 4-6 and 8-10.

The Eagles will host Crook County on April 30, their last home match of the season.

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