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Hood River Valley’s Danny Chavarria hurtles Culver’s Wylie Johnson Thursday, Jan. 9 at Vannet Court in Hood River.

Hood River Valley’s varsity boys wrestling team hosted, but was defeated by, Culver High School 52-27 Thursday, Jan. 9. The bout featured weight classes ranging from 106 to 285 pounds.

Despite their loss, HRV’s Maverick Geller, Andrew McCreery, Abraham Tinajero and Danny Chavarria closed out the meet with strong wins.

Geller scored 12 points against Isaac Andres. Andres scored two but was overpowered by Geller and pinned at 5:00 mark.

McCreery faced Bulldog Cole Brown. McCreery muscled and outmaneuvered Brown as he scored two points and prevented Brown from scoring. McCreery finally pinned Brown with around a minute left to wrestle.

Tinajero challenged and overcame Eduardo Penaloza by scoring 20 points and conceding five. Tinajero won by technical fall.

Chavarria took on Wylie Johnson in the final bout and won by pin. Chavarria earned two points and limited Johnson to zero.

For the Eagles, Noah McElheran began the meet with Debren Sanabria. Sanabria earned eight points before pinning McElheran.

HRV’s Carson Farlow next wrestled Brody Piercy. Farlow scored two points but was unable to match Piercy’s 12.

For the 120-weight class HRV forfeited and gave the win to Culver’s Johan Jaimes.

Eagle Jayton Muenzer took on Noel Navarro but was pinned at the 2:44 mark.

Following in similar fashion, Aiden Sewell for the Eagles, was pinned by Braeden Chapman at 3:31.

HRV’s Chad Muenzer challenged and defeated Culver’s Anthony Hood 16-2.

Muenzer’s teammate Joel Bronson was pinned by Lane Downing late in the match with 56 seconds left on the clock.

Eagle Caleb Dehart was also pinned by Wyatt Corwin with 3:07 left. Dehart, however, managed to earn a point.

Javier Galvez for the Eagles wrestled tough and was closely matched with Hunter Augustynovich as the score was at 2-3.

Augustynovich, however, managed to pin Galvez before the clock ran out.

HRV forfeited the 170-weight class to Culver’s Isaiah Toomey.

The Eagles travel to Redmond and wrestle at the Oregon Classic Friday, Jan. 17-18. Doors open at 6:45 a.m. and wrestling begins at 8 a.m. on both days.

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