The HRV Nordic team traveled to Mt. Bachelor for their state Nordic meet on Friday and Sat, Feb. 27 -28. They raced skate style Friday in a blizzard which was an unusual condition for this winter. On Saturday, the storm had abated and they raced classic style in bluebird sky conditions and new cold snow. In the aftermath of Friday’s storm, wind gusts Saturday at Bachelor reached 80 mph mid-mountain.

The OHSNO league recognized the ten most improved times for the top league skiers at their culminating awards banquet on Saturday evening. The OHSNO league is made up of Summit, Bend, HRV, Corvallis, Sisters, Redmond, St. Mary’s, Cleveland/Portland and South Eugene, and several independent skiers. Included in these recognized improving racers for HRV were Zoe Shepard, Ella Van Cott, Lauren Robinson, Alec Matthews, Elkin Parker and Luke Serra. Head Coach Bonnie Lambert is excited that these racers were recognized for their efforts and can’t wait to see them come back as powerful skiers next season!

HRV Nordic will regretfully say goodbye to seniors Nils Engbersen, Garrett Kelly, Mason McDowell, Alex Chadney, and Terri Hewitt. Nils Engbersen, along with Daniel Fischer, has qualified for the Junior Nationals and will travel to Truckee, Calif., in March to compete against Nordic high school racers from around the country. The Truckee race will also see Sam Wiley, an HRV Nordic alum, compete in the U20 category.

Friday’s boys 7K skate race resulted in HRV taking second overall. The first-place finisher was Summit’s Robert Shannon with a time of 19:21. HRV’s Jesse Wiley was fourth with a time of 20:07; followed by Nils Engbersen at sixth, with a time of 20:38; Leif Bergstrom was ninth with a time of 21:39 and Muir Emmons was 13th with at time of 22:05. Depth of the HRV boys was demonstrated by Elkin Parker, Joey Slover, Luke Serra, Mason McDowell, Emmett Becker, Alec Matthews, Jake Broham, Alex Chadney, Garret Kelly, and Gabe Campos-Davis in a field of 77 boys.

On the girls side, Friday’s 7K skate results saw a win by Emily Hyde of Summit, with a time of 19:44. This senior racer consistently posts times competitive with the boys top five finishers. HRV girls were represented on the podium by Valerie Fischer in fifth place with a time of 22:29 and Daisy Dolan in 10th place with a time of 23:32. Finishing strongly were Denali Emmons at 13th with a time of 23:38, and Lauren Robinson at 16th with a time of 24:14. Terri Hewitt, Ella Van Cott, and Zoe Shepard rounded out the HRV finishes in a field of 69 girls. Overall the HRV girls placed third as a team.

Saturday’s 5K classic results were similar, with HRV boys coming in second overall. Robert Shannon of Summit was again the race winner with a time of 16:13. In the top ten, HRV placed Daniel Fischer at fifth with a time of 17:49, Jesse Wiley at eigth with a time of 18:03, and Leif Bergstrom at 10th with at time of 18:21. Nils Engbersen was 12th with a time of 18:44, and Conner Truax was 18th at 19:41. The rest of the HRV racers placed strongly in the field of 75 racers.

The HRV girls also placed third overall on Saturdays’ 5K classic. Emily Hyde of Summit was again first with a time of 18:02. Valerie Fischer was third with a time of 20:32. Daisy Dolan and Denali Emmons came in almost simultaneously at 11th and 12th, respectively (22:11 and 22:24), followed by Lauren Robinson, Terri Hewitt, and Zoe Shepard in a field of 70 racers.

The weekend of races was capped off by a mixed three-person relay of classic, skate, and skate. HRV boys squeaked out a second-place finish at the line, due to the efforts of Jesse Wiley, Leif Bergstrom, and Daniel Fischer. HRV girls came in with Valerie Fischer, Daisy Dolan, and Denali Emmons skiing to the line for a solid third-place finish.

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