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Varsity hopefuls Kaitlyn McNerney, left and Emma Kroll running drills during practice Monday night at HRV.

Hood River Valley’s girls varsity basketball team is gearing up and getting ready to tip-off their 2019-2020 season. Steve Noteboom, head coach for the Eagle squad, said last season they suffered a 2-20 record and are finding ways to prevent that this season.

“The team understand what happened last year and they want to show that it was a fluke,” Noteboom said. “They want to show people that they can play.”

Last season, the Eagles had several injuries that lowered team morale. Senior Gracie Meyers was injured early in the season and missed nearly all games. Other injuries include blown out knees, twisted ankles and broken wrists.

The team’s lack of varsity experience also contributed to last season’s poor performance, Noteboom said. He plans on having the team run drills that replicate intense varsity games.

“They have to reach a certain criteria. We’re trying to make it real competitive,” Noteboom said. “They’re doing push-ups, running and competing against each other and loser has some sort of consequence even if it’s a couple push-ups. It’s focusing on that competitive spirt on pretty much every drill we do.”

With tough drills and tiring exercises Noteboom said they have been the most coachable determined team he’s lead. The girls always have a great attitude and excitement during practice, he said.

Workouts include push-ups, wall sits and sideline 17s.

Players to look out for this season include seniors Kaitlyn McNerney, Meyers and juniors Morgan Baker and Molly Routson. All four have varsity experience that will come in handy, Noteboom said.

“We’re focusing on limiting turnovers, out rebound our opponents,” Noteboom said. “Last year our shooting percentage was in the 20s and we have to improve on that and just play good aggressive defense not let teams get easy lay-ups on us. That’s going to be part of our goals this year.”

For the Eagles’ first game they’ll host Scappoose Wednesday, Dec. 4 at 5:45 p.m.

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