Madaket Greenleaf, Maverick Geller, Aryn Dahlstrom and Javier Galvez. 

Hood River Valley High School’s January athletes of the month are Aryn Dahlstrom, Madaket Greenleaf, Javier Galvez and Maverick Geller. All are in the wrestling program except Greenleaf, who swims for the Eagles.

Dahlstrom “always brings a competitive spirt, integrity and great work ethic to practice. Leading by example, the junior wrestler proves to be a role model to younger wrestlers in the squad,” said coach Tony Rolen

Her competitive spirit was displayed in the Don York Wrestling Tournament Jan. 4 at Cleveland High School in Portland as she took first place. Dahlstrom also wrestled well in the Kelso Girls Wrestling Tournament in Kelso, Wash. Dahlstrom led the team with three wins by pin.

Off the mat, Dahlstrom said she’d like to pursue a degree in psychology, specifically in child learning and development.

“I want to go into a field of psychology which is studying how kids learn in the classroom,” Dahlstrom said. “Schools are switching over to this whole technology thing and I don’t think that’s the best way for us to learn. So, I’d want to go into a field where I would study if it’s better for kids to learn on iPads or if it’s better for them to learn on paper. I’d want to do something like that.”

Greenleaf, who’s also a junior, has been a vital team member for the Eagle swim squad as she is in the A medley relay and swims butterfly and freestyle during meets.

In school Greenleaf is taking four AP classes; physics, calculus, U.S. history and literature. Out of the four Greenleaf said physics is the hardest.

Outside of school Greenleaf volunteers her time in the free swim lessons the team provides on Friday nights.

“I have been doing swim lessons for kids for about two years outside of our volunteer ones,” Greenleaf said. “I really like it because I help kids learn how to swim. I think it’s an important life skill. I know that a lot of underprivileged kids come to those Friday night swim lessons and get that help.”

Galvez, like Dahlstrom, wrestles for HRV. The junior has a busy schedule as he’s taking eight classes, is in the wrestling program, and holds down a full-time job.

One of Galvez’s classes that stands out is welding and fabrication. He, along with his classmates, keep a daily journal of activities conducted within the class.

“It’s pretty sick. I do whatever pretty much,” Galvez said. “I just get told do something and I do it. It’s overwhelming but you just grind away.”

Bryan Bozarth, welding instructor, said Galvez’s current project is fabricating a roller fairlead for a logging winch.

On the mat, Galvez has a respectable 10-10 record and placed fourth in the Hood River Elks Memorial Tournament Jan. 25.

Geller, the only senior of the bunch, wrestles, and does cross country and lacrosse for the Eagles. Wrestling, however, has its ups and downs — such as cutting weight, Geller said.

“You hate yourself for two days but when you get to your weight, you’re like, ‘Heck yeah, I made it,’” Geller said. “Then you go pig out after.”

Like Greenleaf, Geller is taking four AP classes; computer science, government calculus and physics.

“Calculus was really hard at the beginning but then I kind of figured it out,” Geller said. “Physics is definitely the hardest.”

Despite having difficulty in physics Geller currently has a 3.98 GPA.

Most of the student-athletes said the award came as a surprise but are all grateful for it.

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