Senior Grace Meyers drives towards the hoop, passing sophomore Molly Hagen along the way Wednesday, Dec. 4 at Vannet Court in Hood River.

The Scappoose High School Indians girls defeated the Hood River Valley Eagles girls 68-19 at Vannet Court Wednesday.

Sarah Mann, head coach for the Indians, said the team had been preparing for the last nine months and had jitters up until tipoff.

Scappoose started the game strong by scoring first and forcing multiple turnovers. At the end of the first quarter, the Indians had 20 points, while the Eagles had 2. Those two points were scored via free throws.

The Indians entered the second quarter dropping dimes and scored about 30 unanswered points. Their quick and precise passing contributed to the Indians’ extensive lead.

At halftime, the Eagles managed to score six more points, while the Indians had 32.

“We’re trying to push the pace and push the flow,” Mann said. “We want to play a high-tempo game, but we knew going into the second we had a lead to manage. Yes, we had to maintain our tempo, but we found a little bit of poise and control that allowed our offense to develop.”

By the end of the match, HRV nearly doubled their halftime score to 19, while Scappoose had 68 points. Despite the Eagle’s low score, they fought, dove and lunged for the ball whenever they got the chance.

Defensive communication, however, was not as pronounced between HRV players.

“There’s energy’s just the skills aren’t there yet. It’s going to take some time, practice, there’s going to be more frustrations, but it’s all part of getting better,” said Steve Noteboom, head coach for the Eagles. “That’s part of the skill; communicating on defense. Those are things we’ve been working on in practice. Just transferring that skill to games we just haven’t done it enough to have it follow through.”

HRV heads to Madras High School Dec. 6 for the White Buffalo Classic Varsity Basketball Tournament and plays against Astoria at 5:30 p.m.

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