Ten-pin action in league play at Hood River’s resilient Orchard Lanes is kind of like the Energizer bunny. We keep on working despite the odds. A little foul weather isn’t going to stop the hearty bowlers in Hood River, because there is nothing more exhilarating than rolling a bowling ball into 35 pounds of pins and watching them explode!

Jeff Miller did exactly that in the Monday night Industrial League. In fact, he did it perfectly for 12 straight times in his first game of the session. The first 11 were strikes and his 12th one was probably the best ball of the game. It crashed solidly in the 1-3 pocket just like you’re supposed to do, but the nine pin stood up in total defiance — a legitimate modern-day tap. It should have been a 300 game, but Jeff will have to settle for a 299 this time.

Don’t feel bad for Jeff, though, as he’s rolled so many perfect 300s, we’ve lost count. The tall and talented 10-pin titan has long been considered the best bowler in this area; in fact, Jeff is one of the best in the state. Currently, the textbook stylist is carrying a heady and pro-like 227 average, which is tops in town; that’s how good he is! Jeff went on to post a solid scratch 720 three game series — also the highest at the lanes last week.

Two more keglers also rose up to stardom last week: Woody Eskildsen and Bennie Lopez. Both found the “zone” in the Industrial. Woody warmed things up on a cold night with a great scratch 254 game and 650 series, which was a whopping 155 pins over his average and the top performance by a league bowler last week. This season, Bennie is turning into a gamer. He fashioned his second scratch 600 series of the season last week — a nice 619 that was highlighted by a nifty 222 game, and he finished up an even 100 pins over his average. At this pace Bennie, may be the most improved bowler in town! Good bowling, everybody.

Are you itching for some action? Do you want to kick it up a notch? Well, we’re in mid-season form now, so there are no excuses — get ready for the 65th annual Hood River City Tournament Championships to be held at Orchard Lanes from Feb. 4-12. This is a handicap tournament, so all league bowlers can win… why not give it a try? There will be team, doubles and singles events available. Get an entry form at the lanes or sign up online at orchardlanes.net.

League high scores:

Monday evening Industrial League: Jeff Miller: 299 game and 720 series; Woody Eskildsen: 254 game and 650 series; George Buck: 256 game; Jeff Furlong: 241 game; Rod Pratt: 237 game; Wally Jaksha: 235 game.

Wednesday evening Fraternal League: Brandon Kawachi: 248 game and 690 series; Patrick Olson: 244 game and 674 series; Jeff Brittle: 244 game and 665 series; Josh Worth: 256 game; Jeff Miller: 253 game; Court Barker: 245 game; Zach Mohun: 240 game.

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