Team of the Week:

(pins over average, series with handicap)

Jesse Flores, +133, 784

Court Barker, +130, 784

Keith Hay, +118, 766

Fred Bergren, +115, 769

Ray Sollman, +112, 712

3,815 total pins

Happy New Year, everybody! Last week, we had a bunch of happy revelers on the friendly boards at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes. Jesse (Grandpa) Flores led the parade of pin-busters with a huge scratch 279 game that he fired in the high-powered Wednesday night Fraternal League. Jesse rode that big game and a scratch 202 to a mighty-fine scratch 631 series which was 133 pins over his average — the best performance by a bowler in league action at Orchard Lanes last week. Jesse’s smooth shots from the right corner were so good, he also earns a berth as the No. 1 kegler on our illustrious Team of the Week. This is the first time Jesse has made our famous team of the week this season. His scratch 279 was also the high game posted at the lanes last week.

Court Barker’s lofty slants from deep inside were also in the zone last week. Court, a grad from the junior program at Orchard Lanes, stirred the sticks to the tune of a beautiful scratch 694 series in the Monday night Industrial League. Court rolled super scratch 258 and 247 games in his set and finished the night’s work 130 pins over his average, good enough to grab the No. 2 slot on the Team of the Week. This is also Court’s first appearance on our renowned big five this season. Court and teammate Lynn Spellman on the past league champs 3 Fingers Deep squad put a big-time hurt on their opponents, Tinman Heating, in a 26-4 rout. Two guys that hot are hard to beat!

Keith Hay also had a good outing in the same session. Keith racked up a sharp scratch 233 game and powered his team, Mid-Columbia Diesel, to a 21-9 win over Weatherly Painting. Keith finished up 118 pins over his average, good enough to get the No. 3 spot on the Team of the Week. This also marks the first time Keith has made the team of the week this season.

Fred Bergren found the lanes to his liking in the Fraternal, where he fashioned a fine scratch 658 set that included nice scratch 258 and 242 games. When the smoke cleared, Fred finished 115 pins over his average, making him the No. 4 man on our fab five. Just call him Mr. Clean-up! Amazingly, this is the first time Fred has made the Team of the Week this season.

And so, how about a clean sweep of first-timers on the Team of the Week? Why not, as Ray Sollman, the Hood River bowling legend himself, had a cracking stint in the Wednesday afternoon Senior Colts & Fillies League, where he was 112 pins over his average. That makes Ray our all-important anchor man on this Team of the Week! Having bowled many tournaments with Ray, you can always count on him to give 100-percent effort. We think it’s really special when five of our faithful regulars get to bask in the limelight of recognition for some outstanding bowling. Nice going, bowlers!

Three bowlers came close to making the elite five. Lynn Spellman was 104 pins over his average. Tim Furlong shot nifty scratch 234 and 211 games in the Industrial and ended up 103 pins over his average. And, finally, Mike Bosse pushed the pins around in the Fraternal, where he was 100 pins over his average. Now that the holidays are over, all leagues will be going full tilt from now on.

League Reports:

Monday night Industrial:

Lynn Spellman, 245 game & 695 series; Court Barker, 258, 247 games & 694 series; Matt Hodges, 652 series; Carl Casey, 235 game.

Tuesday morning Ladies Workshirkers: Nancy Asai, 226 game & 602 series.

Wednesday afternoon Senior Colts & Fillies: Lynn Spellman, 216, 205 games & 618 series; Joyce Ebersole, 495 series; John Miller, 254 game; Ron Baumsteiger, 221 game; Ed Busick, 211 game; Sue Spellman, 201 game; Stuart Sneider, 201 game.

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Roger Montavon, 262, 245 games & 695 series; Fred Bergren, 258, 242 games & 658 series; Bernie Keys, 209 game & 572 series; Jesse Flores, 279 game; Lynn Spellman, 235 game.

Thursday afternoon Senior Lads & Lassies:

Len Allen, 562 series; Jackie Fishtrom, 194 game & 519 series; Kim McCartney, 225 game.

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