Hearty congratulations to Kevin Harris, who thrilled us all last week as he rolled a perfect 300 game in the Industrial league at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes.

Like a pitcher who struggles at the outset, Kevin was kind of hit and miss in his first two games — he just couldn’t get that curve ball of his consistently in the strike zone. And then, wham, bam, he found lightening in a bottle, stringing 12 straight strikes in his third game to achieve perfection!

Kevin is a heck of a bowler, a mainstay on the feisty Randy’s Painting crew in the Industrial league who always seem to be in the thick of the battle for the league title. This is Kevin’s second 300 game at Orchard Lanes. He notched one a few years ago, and that’s not all; Kevin had several more perfectos before that while he was living in Spokane. Kevin’s big finish also put him over the magical 700 mark for the series, as he finished with a nice 704. That raised his average to a lofty 213 pins per game!

By the way, Kevin sort of put it to his team’s sponsor, Randy Nieto, who tossed a big 285 in his first game of the session. That just wasn’t quite good enough, was it Randy? Maybe next time.

Patrick Olson and Brandon Kawachi also fired 700s last week, which is about average for these two legendary local pin pounders who already get too much ink for their Class A exploits on the lanes. What about the little guy? Well, a quick look at the high scores below shows at least a score of our seasoned veterans really found the range last week. What do they know about bowling that we don’t? Perhaps success comes with experience.

 Anyway, hats off to professor Lee Rogers, who punched prodigious piles of pins in the senior Colts and Fillies, finishing up with a nifty 679 three game series. With that, Mr. Rogers upped his average to a heady 208 sticks per game! Clearly, every day is shaping up to be a good day in the neighborhood for Mr. Rogers.

On the distaff side, Nancy Asai returned to her all-star form and led all the ladies in the scoring department last week with a solid 658 series that she logged in the Industrial. 

All-star Bernie Keys wasn’t far back with a nice 611 set that she trundled in the Colts & Fillies. 

So much bowling success by our veterans begs the question, where are the kids? Where are the Chad Masons, the Ciena Brittles and the Shaiyan Brittles, bowling needs you! Get off your duff, put that silly electronic game away, get off that ever present phone and go bowling! Join a league, put some work into becoming good at this great game. It’s a ton of fun and you can do it for life. 

We’ve got lots of spry 90-year-old bowlers who stay active several times a week taking dead aim at those unforgiving pins.  Knocking those sticks silly is exciting and it’s a stress reducer.  We all need some of that! 

Nice bowling everybody, keep it up, we’ll see you on the flip side!

League reports

Monday night Industrial: Kevin Harris, 300 game & 704 series; Nancy Asai, 254, 230 games and 658 series; Randy Nieto, 285 game; Shannon Ensey, 246 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed: Patrick Olson, 269, 237 games and 728 series; Brandon Kawachi, 266 game and 709 series; Keith Hay, 238 game and 652 series; Shaiyan Brittle, 257 game; Nancy Asai, 233 game; Dana Branson, 209 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies: Lee Rogers, 246, 226, 207 games and 679 series; Lynn Spellman, 246, 211 games and 626 series; Mike Parke, 235 game and 623 series; Bernie Keys, 234, 208 games and 611 series; Tony Teschner, 215, 202 games; John Lyon, 211, 208 games; Mick Sherrell, 202 game; Bucky Klantchnek, 201 game; Ken Kramer, 201 game

Wednesday night Fraternal: Bill Whetstine, 235 game & 659 series; Josh Worth, 258 game; Chad Mason, 257 game; Woody Eskildsen, 244 game; Bill Pullum, 237 game; Ciena Brittle, 212, 201 games

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies: George Buck, 229, 208 games and 608 series; Ed Busick, 210 game; Bernie Keys, 205 game

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