Kristen Kawachi is our unanimous star of the week at Orchard Lanes.

Kristen, who will soon be plying her physical therapy specialty on our aches and pains, graduated into the tenpin bowling big time last week with her first career scratch 600 three game series.

She massaged the pins with exquisite dexterity in the hot-shot Wednesday night Fraternal league, rolling games of 199, 219 and 183 for a superb 601 set. Kristen has textbook form and she was in the zone all night long.

With unwavering tenacity, she pounded the 1-3 pocket, ball after ball, piling up more strikes than Nolan Ryan. Hot as she was, getting that magical 600 wasn’t easy.  Her 10th and final frame of her third game turned into a bit of a pressure packed nail biter as she needed a combination spare and/or strike to achieve that first 600.

Kristen knew what she had to do which makes it even tougher. Wobbly knees and all, she packed her first toss right in the can for a strike but the next one was high on the head-pin leaving a tough 3-6-10 spare, one of the most difficult there is. Kristen needed to knock down two of those pins to get 600. She went right at that challenging spare, her ball hooked and we all watched with bated breath as it came within millimeters of chopping the 3 pin off. But, alas it hooked some more and converted the spare. Had she chopped that 3 pin off, her series would have been a disappointing 599. That was really fun to watch. Congratulations Kristen! 

The ladies had a good week. All-star Ciena Brittle led with a scratch 626 series that the youngster trundled in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. And, her mom, all-star Nancy Asai fired a 603 set in the Monday night Industrial.

As for the rest of us, the uber talented Jeff Miller topped everybody in the big number parade as he usually does with two scratch 700s, a 715 in the Industrial and a 706 in the Fraternal. Joey Sheirbon, who is having a fine season, led the Mixed with a solid scratch 652 set that was highlighted by a strike filled 265 game. Lynn Spellman, who is working his way back in the groove after recent back surgery paced the senior Colts & Fillies with a cool scratch 622 three gamer that just nosed out lefty Mike Parke’s 613.

Scores are looking good lately, we’re in mid-season form now so forget all of those old worn-out excuses, clearly, we’re all ready to rumble! So, get set for the 68th annual Hood River City Bowling Championships which will be conducted at Orchard Lanes March 14-22. There will be team, doubles, singles and all events. The tournament is open to men and women and will be based on 95 percent handicap of a max 220 average so anybody can win! Did you hear that ladies, you can do this but you can’t win if you don’t bowl this tournament, it’s the biggest one in town! Defending team champions are the Bi-Polar Rollers of the Industrial league; postman Mark Chabotte in singles; proprietor Pat Olson and postman Bryan Mason in doubles; and Mark Chabotte in scratch and handicap all-events. Mr. Chabotte sure delivered last year, didn’t he! Get your entries in to Patrick Olson ASAP at the lanes.


Monday night Industrial:

Jeff Miller — 277,245 games and 715 series

Matt Hodges — 652 series

Nancy Asai — 231 game and 603 series

Travis Adams — 248 game

Kevin Harris — 241 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Joey Sheirbon — 265 game and 652 series

Ciena Brittle — 224 ,204 games and 626 series

Ken Espersen — 238 game

Dawnell Espersen — 201 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Lynn Spellman — 244 game and 622 series

Mike Parke — 215, 200 games and 613 series

Bernie Keys — 236 game

Lee Rogers — 205, 203 games

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Jeff Miller   252, 246 games and 706 series

Levi Phelps — 258 game and 686 series

Jeff Olson — 248 game and 668 series

Brandon Kawachi — 257 game and 664 series

Mike Weaver — 244 game and 656 series

Kristen Kawachi — 219 game and 601 series

Patrick Olson — 258 game

Lynn Spellman — 245 game

Jeremy Bloom — 241 game

Bill Whetstine — 237 game

Ciena Brittle — 200 game

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:

Bernie Keys — 204, 204 games

Thursday afternoon County league:

Rod Pratt — 233, 205 games

Cy Cannon — 207 game

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