TEAM of the WEEK: Richard Lively, +131 (731 series), Chad Mason, +123 (780 series), Lance Nielsen, +110 (761 series), Bennie Lopez, +107 (758 series), Phil Wilson, +101 (701 series).

Another week of league bowling at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes produced a handful of outstanding scores, led by newcomer Richard Lively, who topped his average by 131 pins in the Wednesday afternoon senior Colts and Fillies. Richard’s fine outing was driven by a fine scratch 212 game.

Talk about big numbers, young Chad Mason’s are already out of sight this season. For as long as we can remember, the gold standard for the best bowler around here has been multi-dimensional local pro Jeff Miller, who is currently averaging 227 pins per game. Last week Chad blasted the sticks again, this time to the tune of a heady scratch 777 set that was capped by a near perfect 298 game in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. Chad finished the session 123 pins over his average, which has now reached a lofty 224 pins per game. It’s starting to look like there is a new star in town and his name is Chad Mason! By the way, in that 298 game, Chad strung the first 11 strikes, but his last attempt at perfection just missed, hitting light in the pocket, leaving a swishing 7-10 that could have easily been a strike.

Of our remaining trio of big shooters, Lance Nielsen continues to show steady improvement. Last week in the Wednesday night Fraternal, Lance fashioned a couple of scratch 200 games and just missed nirvana with a 599 set, finishing up 110 pins over his average. Bennie Lopez is another really fresh newcomer, but he demonstrated a real knack for this great game in the Monday night Industrial, where he rolled a beautiful scratch 244 game and 626 series, finishing up 107 pins over his average for the three game session. Phil Wilson anchors our fab five squad of stars this week after notching a classy scratch 221 game and solid 590 series in the Thursday afternoon senior Lads and Lassies. Obviously, Phil’s got skills as he was 101 sticks over his average this time and topping that, this is the second time he’s made our big five.

Monday night Industrial league:

Patrick Olson, 267,238 games & 698 series; Kevin Harris, 266 game & 670 series; Nancy Asai, 216 game & 605 series; Bennie Lopez, 244 game; Mark Chabotte, 235 game.

Tuesday morning ladies Workshirkers league: Nancy Asai, 268 game & 605 series.

Tuesday Nite Mixed league: Chad Mason, 298,268 games & 777 series; Patrick Olson, 258,235 games & 719 series; Jeremy Bloom, 290 game & 687 series; Shaiyan Brittle, 204 game & 542 series; Carl Casey, 258 game.

Wednesday afternoon Senior Colts & Fillies league: Lynn Spellman, 245,204 games & 630 series; Len Hickman, 214,213 games & 608 series; Sue Spellman, 177 game & 492 series; Mick Sherrell, 237 game; Ed Busick, 230 game; Richard Lively, 212 game; Quinton Cox, 204 game; Dave Baumsteiger, 203 game; Ken Ingram, 214 game.

Wednesday night Fraternal league:

Patrick Olson, 257, 246, 237 games & 740 series; Lynn Spellman, 278, 235 games & 716 series; Jeff Miller, 236, 236 games & 676 series; Shaiyan Brittle, 213 game & 566 series; Stan Pratnicki, 237 game; Ed Busick, 235 game; Jenna Hert, 200 game.

Thursday afternoon Senior Lads & Lassies league:

Phil Wilson, 221 game & 590 series; Joyce Hert, 460 series; Len Allen, 219 game; Ken Ingram, 216, 209 games; Kay Pratt, 192 game.

County league:

Rod Pratt 246 game & 617 series; Joyce Wilson 182 game & 444 series; Andrew Hoffman 204 game; Paul Dethman 204 game.

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