Pin pounders come in all kinds at Hood River’s venerable Orchard Lanes. Normally, we feature the big shooters who rack up the top scratch scores in league action and there were several last week. 
A quick scan of the league reports below shows who was hot and you will see some very familiar names. They are all outstanding bowlers who are quickly becoming famous around here. There are other ways to focus on excellence and a good metric is who bowled the most pins over their average.
That honor belongs to Paul Dethman who topped his average by 159 sticks in the Tuesday Nite Mixed last week. Paul is a diligent practicer who is often seen at the lanes working on his game.  It comes as no surprise to see Paul pummel the pins to the tune of a nifty scratch 648 series that included a trio of solid 200 games. 
It’s one of the more satisfying feelings in this game to complete a league session that includes three 200s. Paul, that’s mighty fine bowling! Your classy kegling makes you our star of the week.
Three others joined the century club in pins over average last week, all in the Industrial league. The planets must have been aligned last Monday!  Local orchardist extraordinaire and ex-umpire with the best lungs in town, Ken Kramer, beat his average by 125 pins as he rocked the sticks with a sweet scratch 611 set that included a cool 237 game. 
The hottest bowler in town right now, Kevin Harris, simply destroyed the Twisters with a huge scratch 753 series that was 117 pins over his average.  Kevin is currently carrying a heady 218 average, the highest in town.  The higher your average, the harder it is to top it, so that’s some mighty nice bowling Mr. Harris.  Rounding out our crew of pin busters is the inimitable George Buck, who never ceases to amaze.  George’s soft suitcase slants racked up a spiffy scratch 665 set that was 104 pins over his average. Bowling is such a great game and to prove it once again two of our all-star women pin punishers, Nancy Asai and Bernie Keys notched scratch 600s. Nancy rolled a fine scratch 636 set in the Tuesday Nite Mixed and Bernie led all scoring in the Colts & Fillies with a pretty 619 series which beat the men. 
Nice bowling everybody!

Monday Night Industrial:
Kevin Harris — 275, 246 games and 753 series
Joey Springs — 256, 245 games and 680 series
Brandon Kawachi — 236 game and 673 series
George Buck — 665 series
Matt Hodges — 242 game
Ken Kramer — 237 game
Tuesday Nite Mixed:
Nancy Asai — 233, 202, 201 games and 636 series
Brandon Kawachi — 243 game
Jeremy Bloom — 235 game Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:
Bernie Keys —  233 game and 619 series
Gordon Pillon — 229 game
Ken Kramer — 224 game
Mike Parke — 224 game
Lyle Sayler — 215 game
Ron Baumsteiger — 202 game
Wednesday night Fraternal:
Bill Whetstine — 245 game and 663 series
Ted Rosenberg — 268 game
Chad Mason -- 251 game
Brandon Kawachi — 245, 235 games
Levi Phelps — 238 game
Stan Pratnicki — 236 game
Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:
Lynn Spellman — 225, 211 games and 600 series
Bernie Keys — 235 game
Ed Busick — 226, 202 games
Jolene Randall — 213 game
George Buck — 203 game

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