Congratulations are in order for Randy’s Painting, who won the first round in the Monday night Industrial league at Hood River’s venerable Orchard Lanes.

This puts them in as a top seed in the bracket roll off for their league championship that will be held at the end of the season and it’s important because by winning the first round in the league, Randy’s will bowl against one of the low ranked teams. That is quite an advantage. Bowling for Randy’s Painting are John Fuller, Bob Nieto, Jesse Flores, Kevin Harris, sponsor Randy Nieto and Justin Gatewood.

Nate Lain and John Miller starred in league action last week. Nate finished his session in the Thursday County league 114 pins over his average. And Lefty John Miller turned it on in the Industrial with a big scratch 230 game that propelled him 106 pins over his average for the outing.

For the top scratch scores last week, Chad Mason led everybody in league action for about the umpteenth time in a row with a nice 686 three game series that he tossed in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. Young Mr. Mason is now carrying a classy 226 average, which gives him the honor of being the highest average bowler in all leagues at Orchard Lanes! That is truly impressive.

And, as she so often does, all-star Nancy Asai led all women in scoring last week with a solid 631 set that she posted in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. Good bowling everybody!

League reports:

Monday night Industrial league: Jeff Miller, 257 game and 665 series; Patrick Olson, 266 game and 662 series; Nancy Asai, 214, 205 games and 598 series.

Tuesday morning ladies Workshirkers league: Bernie Keys, 184 game and 501 series.

Tuesday Nite Mixed league: Chad Mason, 237 game and 686 series; Mike Parke, 247 game and 664 series; Nancy Asai, 224, 223 games and 631 series; Mary Finley, 236 game; Ciena Brittle, 227 game; Shaiyan Brittle, 214 game.

Wednesday afternoon Senior Colts & Fillies league: Lynn Spellman, 237, 236, 202 games and 675 series; Sue Spellman, 186 game and 515 series; Mick Sherrell, 208, 202 games; Ken Kramer, 205, 201 games; Bucky Klantchnek, 203 game; Ron Baumsteiger, 201 game.

Wednesday night Fraternal league: Patrick Olson, 247, 235 games and 672 series; Bernie Keys, 236 game and 604 series; Len Hickman, 246 game; Ted Rosenberg, 243 game; Chad Mason, 239 game; Jeremy Bloom, 238 game; Bryan Mason, 237 game; Ciena Brittle, 217 game.

Thursday afternoon Senior Lads & Lassies league: Len Allen, 205, 201 games and 589 series; Bernie Keys, 203 game and 546 series; Phil Wilson, 205 game.

County league: Rod Pratt, 222 game and 588 series.

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