Last week, leagues battled Monday through Wednesday at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes. It was a short week of action to honor that famous bird, yet the turkeys were flying everywhere at the lanes. As you may know, bowlers love turkeys because that jargon has long been synonymous with three strikes in a row! And, there were lots of those last week, big scores as abundant as all that food on Thursday. So, here are the big five shooters from last week:

Team of the Week, Scratch Series (3,565 total pins)

Chad Mason, 780

Pat Olson, 707

Jeff Miller, 700

Lynn Spellman, 697

Aaron Troxel, 681

Young Mr. Mason is rapidly becoming the most dangerous man in town. He might look like mild mannered Clark Kent, but when he laces up, the sticks run and hide because he turns into the “Pin Punisher” and gives them such a beating. Chad really puts some mustard on every shot he rolls and all that speed allows him to control his power hook on basically the down and in line that is so in play at Orchard Lanes. He scorched the sticks in the Tuesday Mixed last week with a monster scratch 780 three game series, the highest bowled at the lanes this season by far. Joining him on our big five are a short list of who’s who in Hood River bowling. We are especially pleased to see that Aaron Troxel made the classy crew, so it would seem the new adjustment we made on Aaron’s thumbless ball worked nicely!

More milestones occurred in the Tuesday Mixed as Paul Dethman and Trevor Johnson both rolled their first scratch 600 sets of the season. Paul notched a nice 618 and Trevor posted a fine 605. A bunch of impressive scores also emerged from the Wednesday senior Lads & Lassies, where it looked like target practice as professor Lee Rogers led the parade of ten pin busters with a mighty fine scratch 664 series. Mick Sherrell wasn’t far behind with a solid scratch 647 set and Ken Kramer, our favorite umpire, who has probably seen more strikes than anybody, followed with a solid scratch 629 series. Ken has definitely found the strike zone lately as his average is going up nicely.

Great bowling everybody!

League Reports

Monday night Industrial: Jeff Miller, 246 game and 700 series; Lynn Spellman, 238, 237 games and 697; series; Aaron Troxel, 248, 245 games and 681 series; Nancy Asai, 236, 233 games and 654 series; Steve Byers, 258 game; Mark Chabotte, 244 game; Jeff Furlong, 236 game; Sue Spellman, 216 game; Shaiyan Brittle, 213 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed: Chad Mason, 263, 259, 258 games and 780 series; Patrick Olson, 258 game and 666 series; Aron Asai, 238 game; Ciena Brittle, 210 game; Nancy Asai, 201 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies: Lee Rogers, 248, 216, 200 games and 664 series; Mick Sherrell, 259, 213 games and 647 series; Ken Kramer, 243, 209 games and 629 series; Lynn Spellman, 220, 210 games and 625 series; John Lyon, 218, 201 games; Quinton Cox, 212 game

Wednesday night Fraternal: Patrick Olson, 247, 235 games and 707 series; Lynn Spellman, 266 game and 683 series; Chad Mason, 257 game and 673 series; Casey Barker, 244 game and 662 series; Levi Phelps, 258 game and 651 series; Josh Worth, 258 game; Stan Pratnicki, 241 game; Court Barker, 239 game; Bob Mason, 237 game; Ciena Brittle, 232 game; Jessi Bennett, 213 game; Bernie Keys, 206 game

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