Last week, team Take Ten won the first half of the Tuesday Nite Mixed league at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes and they did it in convincing fashion.  They put the broom to legendary Team Nishi, sweeping all four games from them in their last head-to-head match in a battle of two of the top two contenders, both of whom had a chance to win the first half.
Congratulations to Take Ten, Dawnell Espersen, Kaitlyn Blair, Katherine Huerta and Carl Casey. Take Ten has been an immovable force in this spirited 12-team league. They started strong and hung in when the going got tough, always bouncing back with big wins when they needed them. In total, Take Ten won 31 games out of 44, a 70 percent margin.
Folks, that’s hard to beat.  The Yankees didn’t even do that well! Who Gives a Split snuck into second place which is important because the Mixed league allows the first- and second-place teams from each half to vie for the championship in a four-team match at the end of the season.
We’re a couple of weeks in on the new pins and it’s looking like scores are improving.
Pin action is more like it’s supposed to be. All of those near pocket misses that resulted in so many crazy 4-9 splits and solid 9’s on the old pins is a thing of the past.  We are still going to have to deal with weak 10s. We’ve all noticed lots of them with the new sticks which can be frustrating.
To carry weak 10s, get the ball to finish earlier and with some stuff on it. To do that, move a board or two right and/or slow down. Try moving forward a couple of inches in the starting spot on the approach and get some fingers in the ball, revs will help, just don’t overdo it. Corner pin “taps” are simply part of the game, get that spare game together, you’ve got to cover that pesky 10-pin.
Sure, it’s a challenging shot but you can do it with a little practice. Making spares is critical and a big confidence booster.
Happy holidays and good bowling everybody, let the good times roll!

Monday night Industrial:
Patrick Olson, 259 game and 676 series; Jeff Miller, 268 game and 668 series; Nancy Asai, 235 ,229 games and 635 series; Mark Chabotte, 237 game; Rod Pratt, 235 game
Tuesday Nite Mixed:
Bill Morrissey, 244 game; Patrick Olson, 244 game; Nancy Asai, 212 game
Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:
Mike Parke, 244 game; Ed Busick, 225 game; Gordon Pillon, 213 game; Dave Baumsteiger,  203 game; Mick Sherrell, 202 game; Lee Rogers, 200 game
Wednesday night Fraternal:
Patrick Olson -- 237 game and 673 series; Levi Phelps, 248 game and 670 series; Jeff Miller, 663 series; Jeremy Bloom, 278 game; Bill Pullum, 247 game; Jeff Brittle, 245 game; Bryan Mason, 243 game; Ciena Brittle, 215 game
Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies:
George Buck, 213 game
Thursday afternoon County league:
Rod Pratt, 215 game; Gordon Pillon, 215 game; Andrew Hoffman, 206 game; Cy Cannon, 202 gameJeff Olson

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