Last week’s bowling league action at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes was shortened by Thanksgiving, which was all good because we stuffed ourselves with delicious turkey. Bowlers love turkey. In bowling jargon, a turkey is synonymous with three strikes in a row and there were lots of them last week.

Bill Whetstine piled turkey upon turkey to lead everybody in the scoring department with a mighty fine scratch 720 three game series that he fired in the Fraternal. The show-me guy from Missouri has been unfazed with the trickier lane and pin conditions this season as he is currently carrying a solid 216 average which is only one pin less than he averaged last year. Bill has a compact style, always keeping his ball in play around the second arrow track by putting lots of speed and revs on it. He is one heck of a strike machine! 

Brandon (Buzzsaw) Kawachi also lit up the lanes last week with a score like his favorite store.  That’s right, he pounded out a cool 711 set in the Tuesday Nite Mixed. We call Brandon Buzzsaw because he plants at the foul line, twists into contorted knot and cranks his ball into a big hooking rev monster that shreds the helpless 3 lb. 6 oz. pins into a pile of sawdust. Brandon gets more double pin messengers down at the deck than anybody which clears out so many 7 and 10 pin taps we just watch in amazement.

Okay: Its December now, three months into league action, so let’s take a quick informal check to see who is really unfazed by the tricky conditions and has improved their average. In the Industrial, Steve Byers and Kevin Harris have improved 16 and 15 pins respectively and both are currently carrying a splendid 206 average. That’s really impressive to improve that much at their level. Bowlers, it would be smart to watch these two and find out the secrets to their success. In the Mixed, Paul Dethman and Bill Morrissey are up 30 pins. They both had a tough start, but they’ve sure found the range lately. In the senior, Colts and Fillies Gordon Pillon and Tony Teschner lead the way 15 pins up. Bernie Keys is up 11 sticks, Mick Sherrell is up 9 and Lee Rogers is up 6. It’s no wonder All-Star Ms. Keys is doing so well as she led all scoring by the women last week with another scratch 600 series, a nice 611 that she notched in the Colts & Fillies. Bernie has already tallied a bunch of 600’s this season. Professor Rogers continues to impress week after week holding that spiffy 202 average. Folks, seniors who average 200 are rare and Mr. Rogers is a darn good bowler in this neighborhood! Always think strikes and spares everybody, let the good times roll.

League report

Monday night Industrial:

Steve Byers — 657 series

Jeff Miller — 245 game and 650 series

George Buck — 245 game

Brian Ford — 244 game

Joey Springs — 243 game

Nancy Asai — 206 game

Tuesday Nite Mixed:

Brandon Kawachi — 255 game and 711 series

Dawnell Espersen — 212 game

Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies:

Mike Parke — 257 game and 635 series

Gordon Pillon — 245 game and 613 series

Bernie Keys — 266 game and 611 series 

Lee Rogers — 214,205 games and 606 series

Tony Teschner — 223 game

Dave Baumsteiger — 213 game

Jesse Flores — 206 game

Mick Sherrell — 204 game

Wednesday night Fraternal:

Bill Whetstine — 247,237,236 games and 720 series

Patrick Olson — 667 series

Stan Pratnicki — 651 series

John Riggleman — 247 game

Roger Montavon — 237 game

Ciena Brittle — 236 game

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