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Sutton Bell Lefevre completes a sharp turn at the gate during her race at the Western Regional Championship.

In the March 30 issue of Hood River News, I ran a sports story about Peyton Wells, a local skier who placed high in the Western Region Junior Olympics in Big Sky, Mont. While that article focused solely on Wells, there were a number of local skiers who competed alongside him, brought to my attention by Program Director of the Cooper Spur Alpine Team (CSAT) Shana Sweitzer. Sweitzer provided details of the following report.

All skiers were from the Hood River area, and belonged to two different teams; Sutton Bell Lefevre, Soren Ullrich, Izzy Bielen and Hanni Sreenan from Cooper Spur Alpine Team, and Wells and Elana Kamacheiv from Mt. Hood Race Team (MHRT). All represented the Pacific Northwest U14 Championships Team, earning six of the 18 total spots. The PNSA Team competed against other teams from Alaska, Montana, Wyoming, California, Utah, Arizona and Nevada.

While the competition was quite fierce, the local skiers placed in the top 20, an impressive finish for their younger age. CSAT’s skiers led the PNSA girls squad, with Lefevre being PNSA’s top female finisher in Giant Slalom (11th) and Slalom (11th). In Super Giant Slalom, Sreenan was the team’s second fastest finish, earning 17th place, with Bielen only three-tenths slower and finishing 22nd. All of CSAT’s girls are on the younger side of their age division; Sweitzer expects improved results next year.

On the boys side, CSAT’s Ulrich punched into the top 10 with a ninth place finish in the Super Giant Slalom. MHRT’s Wells finished 10th in the Super Giant Slalom, fourth in the Slalom and third overall.

Due to the athletes’ results this season, they will be allowed to “ski up” and compete against older athletes at the North West Cup Finals in Stevenson Pass on April 5-7.

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