TEAM of the WEEK: Patrick Olson, +143 (800 series); Austin Dehart, +122 (773 series); Josue Jiminez, +121 (721 series); Jim Green, +117 (717 series); Court Barker, +114 (768 series).

Bowling league action at Hood River’s fun spot, Orchard Lanes, was hot and heavy last week. It’s only October, but big scores were plentiful. Eight league bowlers topped their averages by 100 pins or more.

Orchard Lanes proprietor Patrick Olson was No. 1 last week, firing a huge scratch 779 three game series in the star-studded Wednesday night Fraternal league. That towering set takes over as the highest three gamer recorded at the lanes so far this season, eclipsing the 770 series logged by acclaimed pro Jeff Miller just two weeks ago. Well, records are made to be broken, right? Patrick fashioned big-time scratch 287 and 268 games in his outing and beat his average by 143 pins.

Our next four stars were all bunched within a mark of each other. We made an adjustment for young newcomer Austin Dehart, who rolled a slick scratch 626 set in his first time in the Monday night Industrial league. Since Austin is already bowling the Tuesday Nite Mixed league and Fraternal, we combined his averages for those leagues to find he beat them by 122 pins with that 626. Hearty congrats to Austin, since this is his first sanctioned 600 series. We expect many more from him because he’s got tons of bowling talent.

The fun-filled County league started last week and Josue Jiminez was ready as he beat his average by 121 sticks. Longtime regular Jim Green really found the range in the Thursday afternoon Lads & Lassies league, where he fashioned a beautiful scratch 231 game, just like the big boys. Jim finished up 117 pins over his average. And the indomitable exuberance of Court Barker was prominent once again in the Fraternal, where he blasted a lofty scratch 672 set that was 114 pins over his average.

Just missing the limelight was Daniel Wolf and John Fuller, who beat their averages by 107 and 106 sticks, respectively, in the Industrial. Daniel rolled a nice scratch 211 game. A big welcome to Alex Frazier, who is back and topped his average by 104 pins in the Tuesday Nite Mixed, and kudos to muscular Josh Worth, who surpassed his average by 102 pins while posting a booming scratch 705 set in the Fraternal. Josh, who projects that heavy bowling ball like a toy, doesn’t discourage easily. He settled for a spare in his first game of the session and then proceeded to blast eleven straight strikes for a classy 290, the highest scratch game of the week. Nice bowling everybody!

League reports:

Monday evening Industrial league: Jeff Miller, 683 series; Nancy Asai, 223, 201 games and 620 series; Mac Proffitt, 245 game.

Tuesday morning ladies Workshirkers league: Bernie Keys, 209 game and 596 series; Nancy Asai, 210 game.

Tuesday Nite Mixed league: Joey Sheirbon, 236 game and 673 series; Patrick Olson, 241 game and 662 series; Nancy Asai, 234, 227 games and 645 series; Ciena Brittle, 242 game and 601 series; Mike Parke, 247 game; Chad Mason, 243 game; Terry Arthur, 236 game; Mary Finley, 214 game.

Wednesday afternoon Senior Colts & Fillies league: Lynn Spellman, 211, 205 games and 611 series; Sue Spellman 193 game and 523 series; Kim McCartney, 222 game; Bucky Klantchnek, 220 game; Mick Sherrell, 214 and 200 games; Ken Kramer, 212 and 204 games; Ken Ingram, 202 game.

Wednesday night Fraternal league: Patrick Olson, 287, 268 games and 779 series; Jeff Miller, 257, 237 games and 721 series. Josh Worth, 290, 247 games and 705 series; Court Barker, 243 game and 672 series; Lynn Spellman, 237 game and 672 series; Shaiyan Brittle, 558 series; Mark Chabotte, 236 game; Jeff Brittle, 235 game; Ciena Brittle, 199 game.

Thursday afternoon Senior Lads & Lassies league: Len Allen, 560 series; Bernie Keys, 183 game and 503 series; Jim Green, 231 game; Ken Ingram, 218 game.

County league: Rod Pratt, 204 game and 529 series; Ellen Davis, 479 series; Jeff Craven, 210 game; Paul Dethman, 207 game; Deanna Lainhart, 175 game.

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