The always gritty MWB trio rose to the occasion once again for the fourth time in the past five seasons by winning the high-scoring, fast paced Fraternal league at Hood River’s venerable Orchard Lanes. MWB prevailed with dynastic ease in a four team total pins roll-off, which was so close after the first game all teams were just six pins apart. Then, Hooterville’s inimitable Mighty Casey Barker went to work blasting those three pound, six ounce sticks to smithereens with a huge 279 game.

After that barnburner, it wasn’t close anymore and we all knew it. MWB won the three gamer by 94 pins. Along the way, Casey’s sporty teammate, Levi Phelps, finessed a hatful of strikes too, as he always seems to do with that colorful gold ball of his, finishing up with a solid scratch 653 series. Congratulations to MWB, an amazing and formidable trio, who are definitely ready for prime time. Integral sparkplugs on the team, Court Barker and super sub Ciena Brittle split the season with Casey and Levi in the making of this phenomenal trio.

As we always do at this time, we’ll wrap up the 2018-19 tenpin bowling season at Orchard Lanes with the scoring highlights.

HIGH AVERAGE — Jeff Miller, 221

HIGH SCRATCH SERIES — Bill Whetstine, 815

HIGH SCRATCH GAME — Jeff Brittle, Jeff Miller, Bill Whetstine and Casey Barker, 300


Nancy Asai (200 average), Jeff Miller (221 average)

Mary Finley (198 average), Bill Whetstine (217 average)

Ciena Brittle (192 average), Chad Mason (215 average)

Bernie Keys (191 average),  Pat Olson (215 average)

Shaiyan Brittle (171 average), Mark Chabotte (City All Event Champion)

Sixteen of our talented bowlers averaged 200 or better, which is mighty fine shooting in anybody’s book. For us amateurs, a 200 average is still par. Here are our 200 average bowlers: Jeff Miller, Bill Whetstine, Chad Mason, Pat Olson, Jeremy Bloom, Lynn Spellman, Matt Hodges, Casey Barker, Joey Springs, Levi Phelps, Stan Pratnicki, Roger Montavon, Josh Worth, Nancy Asai, Mark Chabotte and Ken Espersen.

Mighty fine bowling everybody, have a great summer and we’ll see you all next season!


Wednesday night Fraternal:

Casey Barker, 279 game & 698 series

Jeff Miller, 237 game & 681 series

Josh Worth, 238 game & 669 series

Levi Phelps, 653 series

Stan Pratnicki, 238 game

Mike Bosse, 237 game

Ciena Brittle, 227 game

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