For 2019 our dedicated league bowlers at Hood River’s Orchard Lanes resolved to get better. To do so in this great game, you’ve got to put some effort into it. Bowling is a real, big-time game, unlike that phony stuff on the X-box or computer. Is your game hurting? Try to right the ship with some practice. Practice always helps; get sharp making those spares and turn that approach into a well-oiled machine with solid, smooth foot work and a big, loose arm swing. It wouldn’t hurt to emulate our stars from last week’s action.

John Riggleman led the parade of big shooters with an impressive scratch 733 three game series that he posted in the high scoring, competitive Fraternal league. In his session, John racked up 11 strikes in his last game for a big 277 game. Folks, that’s 11 strikes out of a possible 12! John is a cool cat with a textbook game, solid, nicely measured foot work and a smooth, traditional, controlled arm swing.

He makes it all look easy.

Week in and week out, Lynn Spellman remains one of the hottest bowlers in town. He notched a scratch 708 set in the Colts & Fillies, one of many 700s that he’s rolled this season! Lynn is a fine bowler who has many award scores in his long career, he knows what he’s doing on the lanes. He plays the oil pattern perfectly at Orchard Lanes.

Yet, he’s willing to experiment and push the envelope. This season he’s logging the results on every ball he rolls! And he’s been working hard using a plastic ball for spares and even strikes. Folks, these things make you better, pay attention to what you’re doing!

Bernie Keys led the ladies in scoring last week as she often does with a nifty scratch 626 series that she rolled in the Lads & Lassies. Bernie ends up on the all-star team every year because she does several things correctly that all women bowlers should try to do. She plays the lanes correctly, more outside, down and in with a nice, controlled hook. That method gives her maximum angle into the pocket, so she gets more strikes. Sure, it helps that she rolls a hook but more importantly, Bernie generates good ball speed which is essential in our modern game to get effective pin action. And, when those stubborn sticks refuse to fall, Bernie is a good spare shooter. Have some fun, go bowling everybody!


Wednesday afternoon senior Colts & Fillies: Lynn Spellman, 246, 237, 225 games and 708 series; Mick Sherrell, 235 game; Sue Spellman, 230 game; Jesse Flores, 214 game; Bernie Keys; 213 game; Lee Rogers, 205,200 games

Wednesday night Fraternal: John Riggleman, 277 game and 733 series; Patrick Olson, 268 game and 689 series; Josh Worth, 266 game and 679 series; Jeff Miller, 238 game and 673 series; Casey Barker, 245 game and 655 series; Bill Whetstine, 655 series; Bryan Mason, 245 game; Ciena Brittle, 204 game

Thursday afternoon senior Lads & Lassies: Bernie Keys, 214, 206, 206 games and 626 series; Neil Johnson, 214 game; George Buck, 214 game

Thursday County: Gordon Pillon, 223, 202 games; Paul Dethman, 213 game

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