Student Athletes of the Month

Lillie Tomlinson, Grace Miller, German Diaz and Chad Muenzer

The voting is in and Hood River Valley High School’s athletes of the month for December 2018 have been selected. A swimmer, a basketball player and two wrestlers earned the honors, their achievements vast and unique for their age. All comments and information about the athletes were provided by a combination of HRVHS coaches and Athletic Director Trent Kroll.

Lillie Tomlinson is a 3.92 GPA student taking numerous AP courses. She is a freestyle swimmer who is “always on her game,” and has scored 71 points for the team so far this season. Tomlinson earned her swim team’s “Golden Kickboard Award” earlier this season, and she volunteers as an instructor for the Free Swim Lessons offered every Friday evening at the Hood River Aquatic Center. Coach Shelly Rawding said of Tomlinson, “When you say scholar-athlete, she fits the bill perfectly for both.”

Grace Miller is currently ranked first in the state of Oregon for her weight class with a 29-1 record. She is a team captain for girls wrestling and a three-sport athlete (volleyball, softball). This season, she placed fist at the Liberty Tournament and the Bruin Interstate Tournament. Miller is heavily involved in school, including Student Government, Little Learners and Spanish 4.

Coach Trent Kroll said of Miller, “Grace’s leadership is the glue that keeps our team functioning; the girls look to her for the ‘right way to do everything’ both on and off the mat.”

German Diaz is a captain of the boys basketball team, averaging 10.5 points, 2.6 steals and six rebounds per game through the month of December. He scouts upcoming opponents and informs teammates of weaknesses and strengths for future games. Diaz struggled early in high school academically, but has worked rigorously to keep his grades up this year, an aspect he holds great pride in. For the last two years, Diaz has worked with Little Learners, and he has a weekend job. Coach Chris Dirks said of Diaz, “He exemplifies what we want as an athlete on the basketball team; I am happy to have him.”

Chad Muenzer is ranked second in the state of Oregon for his weight class with a 25-2 record. He is a team captain for boys wrestling and plays football in the fall. He placed first at the Liberty Tournament and the Bruin Interstate Tournament.

Muenzer pushes himself academically, taking advanced and honors classes, as well as being involved in FFA Leadership. According to coach Trent Kroll, Muenzer consistently does extra workouts to ensure he deserves to earn the goals he sets for himself; he even invites teammates to join him.

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