Team Adrenaline finishes second at Spartan Race

Team Adrenaline finished second overall out of 271 teams at this year’s Spartan Race in Washougal. The Spartan Race was held on Aug. 11 at Washougal MX Park, the seventh year in a row that this venue was the host of the Spartan Race. Team Adrenaline (pictured) consisted of nine local athletes which included: (top, from left to right) Logan Davis, Jeff Irwin, Craig Holloway, Jake Gazan, Brody Schilling and Taryn Schilling; bottom, from left to right, Ben Iremonger, Timothy Sauer and Alex Willis.

Over 1,000 participants and a total of 271 teams competed in the seventh annual Spartan Race at the Washougal MX Park in Washougal on Aug. 11.

In what was one of the largest field of competitors in the seven-year history of the Washougal race, a local team of nine athletes called “Team Adrenaline” fell just short of topping the 271 teams at this year’s competition as they finished in second place behind team Beasts OCR.

In the individual overall standings Team Adrenaline had six athletes finish in the top-100, including four individuals placing first in their age group, but no times were more influential in earning the second-place team standing then the top-five finishes by Ben Iremonger and Jake Gazan.

Iremonger was the highest overall finisher for Team Adrenaline as he finished in third place overall, first in the men’s 25-29 age group, with a final time of 43 minutes and eight seconds.

In fifth place was Gazan, who finished with a time of 44:45. Gazan, who is 19-years-old, topped the men’s 14-19 age group with his time.

The reality of these two local athletes finishing top-five at this event is remarkable considering all the challenges the Washougal Spartan Race course offers.

During the duration of the three-plus mile course at Washougal, competitors had to face 21 different obstacles that included overwalls, hurdles, a six-foot wall, vertical cargo, rope climb, inverted wall, a-frame cargo, rolling mud, dunk wall, slip wall, Hercules hoist, barbed wire crawl, Olympus, Atlas carry, plate drag, Clif bucket brigade, spear throw, sandbag carry, a seven-foot wall, multi-rig and monkey bars.

As important as it was for Team Adrenaline to get top-finishes overall from Iremonger and Gazan, an important factor into the team’s overall finish was the four other athletes that earned a spot in the top-100.

In the top-25 individually was Jeff Irwin. Irwin, who finished with a final time of 50:30, placed 21st overall and first in the men’s 50-54 age group.

Nearly squeezing into the top-50 was Logan Davis, who finished with a final time of 53:39 and placed 51st overall, only one-second behind Joseph Adams in 50th place (53:38).

In 69th place for Team Adrenaline was Timothy Saur. Saur’s final time of 55:34 earned him a seventh-place standing in the men’s 40-44 age group.

The last runner for Team Adrenaline to crack a spot in the top-100 was Alex Willis.

Willis was the first female athlete to finish the race for Team Adrenaline as she placed 91st overall with a time of 57:23. The finish for Willis earned her first place in the women’s 14-17 age group.

Outside of the top-100 for Team Adrenaline were some noteworthy finishes, including the finish of 61-year-old Craig Holloway.

Holloway finished third overall in the men’s 60-64 age group with a final time of 1:10:30; overall finish of 445th place.

The final finishes for Team Adrenaline was the father-daughter duo of Brody and Taryn Schilling.

Brody placed 1,309th overall with a time of 1:27:58 and Taryn shortly followed finished 1,311th overall with a time of 1:28:02.

The final average time for Team Adrenaline was 48:00, which was three minutes ahead of team, “Spartan 4-0,” in third place and nearly seven minutes behind the winners of this year’s Washougal Spartan Race, team Beast OCR.

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