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Tyler White poses beside the Oregon Bow Hunters banner with his first place medal.

Local archer and hunting enthusiast Tyler White competed in the Oregon State Indoor Championship competition in Redmond on March 2-3. White earned first place and was crowned the state champion in the adult male Bow Hunter, freestyle division, with an overall score of 600–88X.

“The competition was a two round event with 60 arrows per round,” said White, who is the 31 years-old. “A perfect score for a round is 300, and the 88X is a reference to how many arrows hit what’s essentially a bonus ring. They would be used for tie breakers, but nobody else got a perfect score.”

The championships were hosted by the Oregon Bow Hunters Association, a non-profit organization founded in 1948. White, who’s relatively new to using bows in hunting and competition, had participated in the event in 2017, placing ninth.

“I’ve been hunting with a bow for about six years, competitively shooting for two,” said White. “The desire to be as proficient as possible in hunting made me want to get into competition. I wanted to be the best shot I could be when hunting, that way the animal suffers as little as possible.”

White belongs to a Hood River based archery club called Appleknocker Bowmen, which was founded in 1959, holds monthly meetings and owns an archery range. He was awarded “Bow Hunter of the Year” by the group last year, an award that celebrated his success as a hunter. White is sponsored by Windy River Archery, an archery shop in Hood River.

While White has qualified for the national archery championships, hosted by the National Field Archery Association, he won’t be attending due to costs; the competition is in Ohio.

Regardless, White will continue to hunt and compete with his bow throughout the year.

“I hunt everything in Oregon; elk, bear and a number of small game, all with my bow,” said White. “I’ll do a lot of archery competitions as well during the year, but no big ones.”

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