Velosolutions begins construction of asphalt pump track

Velosolutions is a global leader in pump track and trail building, offering customized solutions for a variety of cycling needs. Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) and the Hood River Parks and Recreations organizations are partnering with Velosolutions to create an asphalt pump track (pictured is an example) at Golden Eagle Park. Construction of the asphalt pump track at Golden Eagle Park began on July 16 and is scheduled to end July 27.

Hood River Area Trail Stewards (HRATS) and Hood River Parks and Recreation organizations are partnering with Velosolutions, an organization focused on pump tracks and trail building, to bring the best site-specific asphalt pump track to the Hood River County community.

The Hood River Velosolutions Pump Track build dates are July 16-27, and volunteers are needed for the last three days of the build at Golden Eagle Park.

There is a thriving biking community in Hood River, both road and mountain biking. Currently, mountain biking consists of several focused areas of trails in the nearby hills and mountains.

While there is an adequate trail system for experienced bike riders, there are very few locations where an inexperienced and/or beginner rider can develop biking skills in a safe and developmentally appropriate venue.

Thus, many youths and their families do not have an opportunity to master skills to take to the trails and are missing out on engaging in the healthy, life-long, family friendly activity of biking.

There are varied socioeconomic groups in Hood River with a great divide in access to and use of biking and hiking trails, so local biking opportunities in town are needed.

“Unfortunately, at this point, we lack adequate, safe and accessible areas to help youth build skills to be lifelong riders, which in turn opens the door to increased physical activity, alternative transportation and opportunities to mentor other new riders,” said a HRATS press release.

“Our hope is this pump track will reach all members of our community to provide access to developing biking skills and a healthier lifestyle.”

HRATS points of emphasis heading into the construction of the asphalt pump track at Golden Eagle Park:

Go to where the people are — HRATS aims to bring a project that’s accessible on foot, bike or vehicle and can be easily reached for residents who don’t have the opportunity to drive up to trails.

Start with what you know, build on what you have — HRATS has a proliferative trail building history and yet sees a need for accessible, safe skill development opportunities to ensure safety of new riders.

Be profoundly inclusive — On the whole, people will come together here to enjoy the simple sport of cycling and in doing so create a unique social setting for building friendships and new acquaintances. Pump tracks create a unique opportunity for mentorship and inclusivity.

Keep the community at the center of the work — Pump tracks provide a playground for kids and adults alike, from beginners to professionals, a pump track provides a community with a sustainable and fun packed activity for everyone.

To donate and/or volunteer for the asphalt pump track being built at Golden Eagle Park, visits the links to the websites below:

Donation link at

Volunteers sign up at

Hood River Bikes launched an online bike raffle as an additional fundraiser as well, tickets are available at

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